London Marathon 2022 for Born Free completed

London Marathon 2022 for Born Free completed

Another chapter in my story completed!. London Marathon number 3 for my beloved Born Free family for our Year of the Lion is complete!. Like last year i’m feeling a bucket of different emotions now it’s all over but it won’t be the last time - looking back through all the training, hard work, blood, sweat & tears and feeling so grateful to all of you who sponsored me for an incredibly important year our Year of the Lion and something which is very close and dear to my heart it really does hit you when you pour your heart passionately in to it!. I said i would thank everyone by name who sponsored me 

1. Jackie Dawson x2

2. Tracy Andrews x2

3. Tracy Smith 

4. Ria

5. Lance Edwards 

6. Helen Gladwin 

7. Mum

8. Paul & Dani 

9. Alex Maguire 

10. James Conway 

11. Sue Worley 

12. Rudi and Ingrid Strubbe-Gerlo

13. Nick Grice 

14. Georgie Lamb 

15. Dee Wright

16. Barbara Bruce 

17. Tara Ryan 

18. Alison L 

19. Paul & Wilf 🐾

20. Jacquie Curtis

21. Ali

22. James McCoy 

23. Chris Pinder 

24. Rebecca Soubra 

25. Rudi & Ingrid Strubbe-Gerlo

26. Ricky Fuller 

27. Hector 

28. Barbara Muller 

29. Nicola Hughes 

30. Cheri class 

31. Helen Monday 

32. Gemma Aschettino

33. Nan and Grandad

34. Julie Norwood 

35. Declan Walters 

36. Barbara M

37. Joanne & Gary

38. Emma Leuw 

39. Malcolm Doe

40. Wendy Finch 

41. Dad

42. Diane Chapman 

43. Phill Dyble

44. Judith Reeves 

45. Angela Hunter 

46. Roxy & Bessie 

47. Margaret O'mahony

48. Vicky Bird 

49. Charlotte and family 

50. Naomi Kidd

51. Sue Holywell 

52. Eric Macintosh 

and thank you to those of you who sponsored me since & sponsored me anonymously with 70 + supporters!. I won’t be running London for us next year but I’m ready to take on another big running challenge for my Born Free family & the animals who need our help and for us to take a firm stand for them!, as Arnie says.. I’ll be back and it’ll be an ultra marathon for Born Free next!. Your support means Born Free can continue their truly important work for wild animals worldwide and they need us now more than ever!. 

Here come the thank you’s i feel like this is part of my Academy Award speech haha.. i want to end this by saying the biggest thank you’s to my family & friends, my mum for supporting me every step of the way supporting me with everything that i do, Michelle(MRG) who helped me massively with my training and has been amazing I’m so grateful to of met you on my running journey, my amazing friend Anne whom i shared my London Marathon training with(she also ran in London) I’m so happy you came in to my life, and a huge thank you to my Born Free family and my friend Joanne of Born Free! - I’m so grateful for you all!. We have raised over £1,500 so far and I’ve decided to keep my fundraiser open until the 31st December when our Year of the lion will be coming to a close. If you missed out on sponsoring me during it all there’s still plenty of time by heading in to my linktree at the top of the page.

I love you all.. THANK YOU!!.